Yugen...The subtle and profound (幽玄) is one of the Japanese aesthetic spiritual stages, which values a shared sense of communication without speaking words immensely in the profound mood of tranquility.



    In my twenties, I studied English in London and was fascinated by the creative beauty of antiques and the natural beauty of the flowers adorned everywhere.

    I was born and grew up in Japan, but I didn't understand the deep historical culture well because there are many beautiful things and old traditions in Japan.

    I married an Australian and lived in Japan as a housewife for a long time. When my two children moved to Australia to attend University I began to think about my own life and have decided to follow my dream and passion.

    I would like to know more deeply about the beautiful culture, food and places in Japan. As I have studied kimono, which is one of the beautiful cultural traditions, I wanted to know more and more about it, and I want the world to appreciate it as well.

    In order to create a sustainable society, we purchase and manufacture kimonos and obi that are almost unused but no longer worn.

    The meaning of "yugen" and "ghost" chosen as the company name is "deep and immeasurable" and "dignified and graceful".

    IThese are the creative uses I have designed using retired kimonos and because I thought they were beautiful still I have given them new life.

    I hope you like it.