Cushion cover 2


Cushion cover 

Size :45cmx45cm (18 inches)

Material: 100% pure silk 

The cushion covers are made from a 100% pure silk repurposed Kimono belt, which is called an Obi in Japanese. This belt is a beautiful and special part of the overall look of the traditional Kimono. An Obi belt is about 4 meters (or 13 feet) in length. We have taken them and cut them up to size several cushions from each belt. Some of the belts are used and some brand new, but all are in excellent condition. A Kimono is very rarely worn and is carefully stored due to its high cost. This newly fashioned cushion cover opens only on one side and takes advantage of the contrast between the front and back bands of the original belt. There are a number of different patterns and designs available. Each Obi belt is essentially a one off, so you will be getting a very unique cushion cover that cannot be purchased anywhere else. You can have these distinctive and unique cushion covers, with a fascinating story behind them, to make your interior truly a one of a kind.