Tote bag - Pink with beautiful wave Unusual pattern for obi, elegant pink with purple and silver.


OBI WAVE - Recommendation

Tote Bag: OBI WAVE series

Size: Width approx. 19cm (7.5in) Length approx. 25cm (10in)

Opening Range: about 8cm (3in)

Handles: About 40cm (16in)

Material Body: regular 100% pure silk (repurposed from an Obi, or Kimono belt)

Fittings: Brass Gold

Handles: Cowhide 

This one of a kind bag goes with most clothing and fashions. Hang it over your shoulder as a shoulder bag, or use it from your hand as a handbag. No two bags are the same and all are made of repurposed 100% pure silk kimono belts. These kimono belts are called Obi in Japanese and are a very decorative and important part of the Kimono. Due to the materials origins we have called it the OBI WAVE bag series. Gold fittings and a high quality cowhide handle finish off the bag in style. Your bag will be distinctive and nobody else will have the same pattern as yours. Stand out from the rest and look the best. Your bag was once part of an expensively designed Kimono completely made in Japan. In an age of mass production and sameness it is difficult to be unique, and this is the perfect opportunity to express yourself while having an interesting conversation point. No two bags are alike in pattern and you will attract plenty of attention from this elegant accessory.